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Spring Learn-to-Swim     

Express Swim School is proud to offer the Starfish Aquatics progressive, skill-based curriculum that focuses

on the development of the five core competencies necessary for successful swimming.  Swimmers at each

level will participate in age-appropriate activities designed to develop and emphasize proper stroke technique

and efficiency.  Safety skills and benchmarks have been established for each level in the program.

Great Student-Teacher Ratio !!  Our smaller class sizes average 3 or 4 swimmers per instructor.

Progress and Advance at your own pace !! - All swimmers are evaluated by Express Swim School staff to determine proper placement.  During the session, swimmers advance to the next level as soon as they complete

the required level benchmarks.

Our Staff members are well-trained and experienced! - All instructors have been certified, completing a

Starfish Aquatics instructor training course and have a strong swimming and competitive background.

Completion Certificates are Awarded at every level change!  Additional Award patches are also available.


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                                                              11 Day

Lesson Time -  4:30-5:00 PM

Lesson Dates -  May 6th-23rd

LocationDowners Grove North HS 

                      4436 Main Street  -  Downers Grove

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Level 1 - Beginner / Novice Level - Ages 3-10

WHITE Level swimmers are afraid of the water;  cannot swim; 

will not get their face wet.

Level 2 - Beginner / Novice Level - Ages 3-10

RED level swimmers love the water, but cannot swim without

support; will get their face wet; will jump in.

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Level 3 - Beginner Level - Ages 3-10

YELLOW level swimmers are not afraid, can float,

jump in and return to the surface

Level 4 - Intermediate Level - Ages 5-12

BLUE level swimmers can swim underwater or on the surface

and can take an occasional breath

Level 5 - Intermediate Level - Ages 5-12

GREEN level swimmers can tread water for 15 seconds;

can swim freestyle with side breathing.

Level 6 - Advanced Level - Ages 5-13

PURPLE level swimmers must be able to perforam all

of the LEVEL 1-5 Advancement Benchmarks; needs to learn

or refine backstroke, breaststroke and/or butterfly.

SWIM TEAM - Ages 5-18

Swimmers can swim 25 yards of freestyle with side breathing; needs to build endurance and wants to learn starts, turns and swim team training techniques.


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